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Things have been accomplished! May 25, 2010

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All of our giant planning adventures are finished…I have my dress, the tuxes have been fitted, the venues are all settled, most of our Catholic counseling is finished, etc. Even with all of that finished, the rest of this whole wedding planning business is still a part-time job. My mom came to visit MN last week. It was so wonderful to have her here to do several of the smaller wedding “to-dos”, she is much better at seeing details than the big picture, which is what I need help with right now. The list of things accomplished while mom was here is long, but it includes such things as:

1. Cake. Tasting done. Decision made. You can look forward to white cake with almond praline buttercream and chocolate cake with Bailey’s Irish buttercream frosting. Delicious!

2. Dress. Mom’s, not mine. We had planned on just looking for ideas for things while she was here, but we accidentally came across the perfect dress! It’s a midnight blue, not quite navy, and stunning on her. She said she hasn’t had on a formal dress since her wedding…I think this will be a very nice follow up. She looks great in it!

3. Bells. There are so many “don’t”s regarding our send-off, as far as the church is concerned. No sparklers, no flower petals, no bubbles, no rice, no birdseed, etc. Not than many of these things are on my list of things to do, but I had really considered sparklers, since it might be a bit dark when we leave the church. So, I decided that bells would do the trick. Hopefully they will make a pleasant noise and be something a bit different and memorable for our guests. So far, I have my eyes on these bad boys…matte green and silver, with a black ribbon. Simple. Perfect for us.

4. Cake toppers. I really fell in love with these cake toppers. They are simple, custom and affordable. The only draw back is that they are only 3″ tall, and for the size cake we will have, I think that is far too small to be proportional to the cake. As soon as I showed them to my mom she said “I can make those!”, so she is going to give it a shot, hopefully with a slightly larger set of “people”. If that doesn’t work out, I think I might order a set of these and somehow arrange them on top of a few flowers to give them a little more height.

Hopefully we will get a few more things checked off the list when Aunt Kathy is here. I find it really hard to believe that we only have a little over 4 months left to go seems crazy!

The week ahead holds my first bridal shower, more dress shopping for AK, another cake tasting for the vegan/gluten free guests, a 5k race….whew! It’s going to be a busy week. Hope you are all having a great short work week.


4 Responses to “Things have been accomplished!”

  1. Anna Gray Says:

    ooooh! I love your cake toppers! How cute are those!

    Tell Mama Brenda and Aunt Kathy I said hello! and by all means keep up the good work! (and blogging! 🙂

  2. kala Says:

    I love the bell idea!

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Yay! I finally made it to your blog! I love your bell and cake-topper ideas. Your mom is artsy; I’m sure she’ll be able to make your mini-me bride and groom.

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