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Kathy’s Visit January 27, 2010

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As many of you know, my Aunt Kathy was here over this past weekend. This was her first trip to MN in the winter, and all I can say is that she got lucky! It was 30+ degrees for her whole visit, and the day she flew out, the high was 11 degrees. Awesome. With that being said, she really did some very “wintery” things while she was here.

We got to see the snow sculptures in progress at the State Fair grounds.

Kathy walked on water for the first time at Medicine Lake when we went to see the Art Shanties. If you have never made it to this winter art exhibit, I would strongly recommend it. This year, there is a Shan-tea, shaped like a tea-cup and where you will get a cup of tea as soon as you walk in the door. There is a Dance Shanty, which is just hilarious. The tiny house shanty, the stay-cation shanty and the Norwegian shanty were also at the top of our list!

This is definitely an awesome thing to do (for free) in the Winter!

Kathy and I tackled a few wedding things while she was here, the largest of which was choosing a florist on Friday. As I told my knitting group last night, I wasn’t aware that things that died were so expensive! After a small amount of shopping around, we found a wonderful woman who works out of her home, named Colleen. She is totally reasonably priced, and from the pictures and a recommendation from a friend, I am confident that the flowers for our wedding will be wonderful. I think there will be lots of hydrangea and dahlias with a few other things tucked in…I’m excited!

Saturday we decided to do more fun stuff, and Paul had the day off, so that was great. We had breakfast at Key’s Cafe with Paul and his parents. After that, we went to the art shanties and then went home and thawed out for a bit before dinner at Pazza Luna and the St Paul Orchestra at the Ordway. Pazza Luna was an amazing experience. Paul got veal and pork stuffed cannelloni with red and white sauce, Kathy and I both got risotto. Hers was chicken and asparagus served in a Parmesan cheese bowl, and mine was Dijon mustard and dill risotto with crispy seared salmon. The atmosphere was great, the service was good and the food was amazing. I would highly recommend Pazza Luna for a nice night out on the town!

We wrapped up the weekend with some (unsuccessful) shoe shopping at the mall and a nice dinner at Paul’s parents Sunday night. It was so wonderful to have Kathy here. I love living in Minnesota, but there are definitely times where it is wonderful to see family. I will be making a trip to NC in April for BGD’s wedding, so I will get to see all of my family very soon.

In other really awesome news…my friend Jess and her husband, Matt (aka Killa) had a beautiful baby girl named Sophia on Monday. Welcome to the world Sophia Claire! (Check out that super cute hand knit sweater she’s wearing!)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week. Stay warm!


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  1. Amy Says:

    Pazza Luna also has a very good late night happy hour, but it’s kind of short. 4buck cosmos, baby!

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