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Who knew flowers could be so difficult? January 15, 2010

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My dress is in, the church is booked, the zoo is booked, the caterer is set…most of the “big” stuff for the wedding has been decided. The next thing I am going to tackle are the flowers. Initially, flowers were something I wasn’t too concerned about, flowers are always pretty…right? Since I have started looking at what type of flowers I want, I have realized that while flowers are always pretty, not all floral arrangements are pretty. I was planning on choosing a florist, giving them a budget and our wedding colors, and letting them go for it. I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps this is not the best approach. After hours and hours of searching through magazines and wedding blogs, I have discovered that I am totally sure of the things I don’t want:

This one is too garden-y for me, so many types of flowers in one bouquet is not my thing. I would rather stick with 3-4 types of flowers.
For me, this is really girly and in-cohesive. I think it’s that there are so many colors involved. I am more attracted to a monochromatic look.
This one is crazy…all the cascading fern-y things…eek. I could  see this for some kind of English garden affair, but the hanging stuff would drive me crazy. When I think of the bouquet that I want, tight and rounded come to mind, but nothing like this at all.

While I am not too crazy about things like roses and orchids, I love dahlias and these wonder black and white flowers called anemones. I also want to carry a few pieces of lily of the valley in my bouquet because my mother and my grandmother both carried them. In general, here are a few bouquets that I have found that I like:

After look at these all at once, it is easy to see that I like the more compact and dense bouquets. Again, I really dig the monochromatic look. The orange/coral bouquet with the dahlias…if I could do that without the roses and in a deep purple, it would be great. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of one main flower (like dahlias) with one or two contrasting flowers mixed in.

All of this is just for the bridal bouquet…yikes. I know that the bridesmaid’s bouquets will compliment whatever I carry. I want to carry mostly greenery and purple flowers and have them carry mostly greenery with white flower, which I think will add a nice element of contrast for photos and such. Even though I have a few of these things sorted out for the bouquets, centerpieces and chapel decorations are a whole other issue that I will address sometime soon.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I finally feel a little more like myself, so hopefully I will be up to something fun this weekend.


One Response to “Who knew flowers could be so difficult?”

  1. Maya Says:

    Our bridesmaids wore deep purple and we went with irises. Just a thought. So many good choices. Nice pics.

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