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Engagement Photos January 12, 2010

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For the past three days I have been fighting some kind of viral “thing”. It felt like a really intense cold or a sinus infection, and the Dr. said it was most likely a cold and prescribed chicken soup, fluids and lots of rest. So yesterday I slept a lot, had some chicken soup and had a lot of liquids. Paul has been most awesome..he’s made chicken soup, peeled countless clementines and taken very good care of me. As of this morning I feel better, not 100%, but better. I am going to go into work for a bit this afternoon so that I have something to do tomorrow and then I may go to knit night briefly because I have some questions about my sweater pattern.

Now for more fun stuff:

It has been about a month since we’ve taken our engagement photos, but I have finally decided to officially blog about the whole experience. Paul and I both liked the idea of a snowy Winter/outdoor photo shoot to use and engagement photos/save the dates/Christmas cards. Initially, this seemed like it might be impossible because as of late November, we didn’t have any snow on the ground. We had agreed that if there was no snow by the first week of December, we were just going to do an outdoor shoot anyways. (This mostly hinged on the fact that my “outfit” included a wool coat…) Right after we booked our shoot with our AMAZING photographer Justin Graddy of Graddy Photography, Winter officially hit Minnesota. The day we had the shoot planned, there were blizzard conditions with winds of 40 mph…so needless to say, the outdoor shoot was called off. We rescheduled for the next week, and while it was only 8 degrees outside the whole time, it was absolutely wonderful! We went to Rice Park in quaint downtown Saint Paul. The park was all decorated for Christmas with lights, over-sized nutcrackers and giant Christmas packages. I want to share a few of my favorites here, but you can see more on Graddy’s blog post if you are interested.

These are just some of my favorites, they may not be the “best” from the shoot, but I think they really capture us as a couple. Silly, romantic, spontaneous and fun! Dancing in the middle of the park is something I will never forget!

I’m going to go drink some more hot tea and hopefully make it out of the house at some point today. Happy Tuesday to you all…


2 Responses to “Engagement Photos”

  1. Brooke and Jon Says:

    Beautiful! I feel like you guys could have taken this one too:

    hehe 🙂

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