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Wedding Paper January 8, 2010

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As promised, a wedding update.

The next big thing on our list has been to get our invitations in order. One of 234,893,837 awesome things about the man I am going to marry is his graphic design skill. Paul has an amazing eye for color, composition and type. All of this made it easy to decide that he would be designing all of our wedding invitation stuff. He spent some time over his Winter break finalizing the design for the actual invitation (which is beautiful). Since we had the invitation design, I was really excited to go look at paper options, so last weekend Paul and I went to the most amazing place: Paper Depot. We had previously been to another paper store and had very little luck. The Paper Depot has paper for everything from scrap booking to invitations to book making. They have prints and solids, sheets and envelopes, paper and card stock…the list goes on. As soon as we arrived, a woman greeted us, gave us a rundown of how the place was laid out, and then asked if we needed help. Once we explained we were there to looking for wedding invitation goods, she was super pumped to help. She asked all the right questions and showed us where everything we were looking for was. Once we picked out the envelopes, the card stock, etc. the woman cut samples for us, advised us on altering some things by 1/4″ or so to cut the number of sheets of paper we needed, etc. Basically, she was a huge help, very knowledgeable and not pushy. She wanted us make the best decision for our needs, without spending more money than we should. At the end of our Paper Depot excursion we had it all picked out…so exciting! Now we just have to find a printer…any suggestions?

As are so many things with this whole wedding planning business, making decisions about invitations, RSVPs and thank you notes opened a whole other can of worms. I had absolutely no idea how many paper goods were involved in a wedding! There are the obvious things I have already mentioned: invitations, RSVP cards, thank you notes….but there is so much more! Ceremony programs, place cards, table numbers, tags for favors, maps, directions, hotel info, envelopes, menus…and more I am forgetting I am sure. Now I realize that all of these things do not HAVE to be paper, but it’s a decision we have to make. So far we have decided that we will have programs. We will not have place cards. We will send out information to people coming to St. Paul. We may not have menus. Then there are all kinds of signs and one shot deals like signs to the reception, info about coat checks, etc. (I’m not even attempting to tackle this yet.) Basically, I am really loving all the invitation stuff, but a bit overwhelmed with the paper goods decisions over all. I am going to take it one step at a time like everything else!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. Enjoy your weekend! Totally unrelated: I cast on for this sweater last night in teal EcoWool+.


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  1. Molly Says:

    I’m excited for you about the successful paper gathering, of course. But I must say, that sweater is competing for the level of excitement it incites. It is beautiful. You never cease to amaze me with your mad knitting skills.

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